Our return policy is as follows. We accept refunds or exchanges for discs that arrive damaged or are defective. If you received item(s) that appear to be damaged or defective, please email us at support@kinolorber.com and let us know the issue with the item. We may ask to provide photos or video of damaged or defective item(s) for reference.

If the item is truly damaged or defective, we will provide a 1x replacement for the exact same item. We may ask you return to us before we provide a replacement. Once received, we can either send you a replacement of the same exact item you ordered or give you a full refund.

  • Please note that we only provide a replacement shipment once. If there is an issue with the replacement item(s) you received, then we will only provide a full refund for the item(s) upon return.

*Please note that there is no such thing as a flawless or perfect slipcover/ o-card, box slips, and artslips. Due to the manufacturing process, there will be cases where slipcover/ o-card, box slips, and artslips can come with minor imperfections (slightly dinged corners, imperfect edges, small scuff marks, etc). These types of imperfections are inherent to the printing process and are to be expected on occasion. For the reasons above, please limit replacement requests to major damages. Replacement requests for what we determine to be minor imperfections can only be returned for a refund (customer will be responsible for shipping charges)