**Please note that there is no such thing as a flawless or perfect slipcover/ o-card, box slips, and artslips. Due to the manufacturing process, there will be cases where slipcover/ o-card, box slips, and artslips have minor imperfections (slightly dinged corners, imperfect edges, small scuff marks, etc). These types of imperfections are inherent to the printing process and are to be expected on occasion. For the reasons above, please limit replacement requests to major damages. Replacement requests determine to be minor imperfections can only be returned for a refund (customer will be responsible for shipping charges)


  • Q: My item didn’t come with a slipcover/ o-cards, can I still receive one?

Not all our items are sold with slipcovers/ o-cards. If you received one without, then slipcovers/ o-cards editions have sold out or it was never sold with one included.


If you wish to return an item because it did not come with an slipcover/ o-card, then you can return it back to us for a refund. You will be responsible for the return shipping charges


  • Q: Am I Guaranteed a slipcover/ o-card with purchase?

For Item(s) advertised with Slipcovers/ o-cards, they are limited edition and we can runout at anytime. We do our best to assure that limited edition slip covers are sent in early runs, however customers are not always guaranteed slipcover/ o-cards, even if they purchased the product with o-card image still displayed.

We cannot set aside copies of previously issued editions. If you are truly concerned about slipcovers/ o-card, order it as soon as you can and do not mix them with other any pre-order items shipping at later dates.