Your package was sent via USPS. Before arranging a reshipment that could have same results, you should first enter your tracking number in their search engine. They may be holding it or it may be in transit (this is something we cannot control). Enter your USPS tracking number into the link below.




In other instances, the United States Postal Service may be holding you package, which in that case you should call them or visit their local offices to see if they are holding it in their store.

We send out 3 emails: A Purchase Confirmation, Order Approval, then an Order Shipping Confirmation. Most common reasons not to receive message is that the wrong address has been provided or message has been picked up by spam filter. If you are wondering why you haven't received a shipment confirmation may be that your package may include a pre-order or out-of-stock item. It is important to note that we do not split orders. We ship out an order in its entirety and not separately in accordance to what we have in stock and what we don't. Once the pre-ordered or out-of-stock title is available, we can process your order and ship it to you.

If they do not have your package, USPS tracking website says it's lost, or any other problems, contact us again and we can arrange a reshipment and see if we can get that package to you as soon as possible.