Your order was "authorized" at the time of transaction, then we receive funds at a later time when the order is approved to be packed and shipped.

This generally reconciles within a handful of business days, but if you're concerned we recommend that you contact your bank regarding your online purchase and advise them that we were authorized for the transaction, then you saw a second

More details below:

A pre-authorization is made to the credit card used for the purchase to ensure funds are available to complete your purchase. Once your order ships and final billing is completed, this authorization hold should be removed from your statement, subject to your credit card issuer's policies. On some rare occasions, there can be overlap where both the authorization and final charge will appear simultaneously. This should never last more than a few days and can often be remedied by contacting your bank. 

We do not recommend using debit cards, especially for accounts with low balances.

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If the second charge doesn’t disappear after a several weeks, you can contact us with our customer service form and and we will look into the matter further.