Prior to order shipping approval (second email), you can cancel an order with the cancellation link sent with your ‘Order Confirmation email.

You can also cancel an order using our Order Support form or call our call-in center at 800-562-3330. 

Please note if you call or email us to cancel an order, we cannot guarantee we will be able to cancel the order depending on the order status. If order has been processed and shipped, but you no longer wish to receive the item, then you will need to return back to us for a refund. (refer to ‘Returns’ for further info)

We generally approve orders 3 hours from time of order placement if items are in stock and available. Once the order has been cancelled, the charge may be posted on your account for a couple days but it should go away soon after. There is no charge for cancelling an order before it has shipped.

Orders containing a pre-order item can be canceled 10 days prior to the street date.

Once an order is approved for shipping (after you receive the 2nd email), an order can no longer be canceled.